parents WEEKEND

This weekend was parents weekend at my son’s school.  He is a junior at a boarding school in New Hampshire.  This is always a great time of year to go up to New Hampshire, the leaves are just beginning to turn and the colors are beautiful.

We had a chunk of time kill, so, we jumped into to the car and headed toward Walmart.  There really isn’t a lot to do in Meriden New Hampshire, and my son needed some bottled water.  My husband, the ultimate explorer, decided we should go on a different route than we normally do.  Well to our surprise we discovered Saint-Gaudens home in Cornish. It is now a historical landmark.  Of course we stopped and wondered around.  I took pictures…and we never made it to Walmart.

You may be curious about the parrot, this guy was in the parking lot and evidently he takes his bird everywhere.  He even took it on the plane from Washington State and it sat on his shoulder the whole time (hard to believe).  If you are not familiar with Augustus Saint-Gauden, he is the sculptor famous for Diana, The David Farragut  Memorial, the $20 Gold coin and the Robert Shaw memorial (“Glory” the movie was based on Robert Shaw).

Here is a link to learn more about him:


4 thoughts on “parents WEEKEND

  1. Beautiful photos as always. But don’t shop at Walmart. They discriminate and censor everything that they don’t find suitable for the “morality” of this country. Oops! I didn’t mean to turn your beautiful blog and photos into a political rant, but when you mentioned Walmart, it rubbed me the wrong way. I’m glad you enjoyed the beauty of New Hampshire in October.

    1. thanks so much, the balloons were a bit too whimsical for me. I liked the font…..not the balloons.

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