lions and tigers and PICTURES…….

Today for my 365 photography project I had the letter “G”.  I was determined for it to be a gorilla.  I could go the Zoo. We live near the Franklin Park Zoo. (The zoo that was used in the movie The Zookeeper, starring Kevin James)

My husband and daughter were going to see The Descendents.   I had already seen it (and loved it) so, I was going to do my own thing.  I thought, what a great opportunity. I could see the animals and take as many pictures as I wanted to.  Lately, my family hasn’t been that patient, when it comes to me taking pictures.  Usually I say…just one more picture..then I  look up and see them way ahead of me…I stash my camera, and hurry to catch up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I spent the bulk of my day at the indoor Gorilla enclosure that is also home to many tropical species.

The animals are all photogenic…enjoy the slide show.   I used the gorilla’s back for my 356 project.

Today was a great day.  I didn’t have anyone telling me to hurry up….I also did’t have anyone to share my pictures with either.  I’ll keep this in mind, on our next family & camera outing!

41 thoughts on “lions and tigers and PICTURES…….

  1. fabulous pix Gail .my favorite is the gorilla profile and the gorillas back. The lion with his paws crossed was cool he looked so serene. Nice day for the zoo fun and happy thanks for sharing

  2. Isn’t it the best to have the day all to yourself to photograph at the Zoo! Great job…love the Zebras – and the lounging lion.

  3. These are beautiful photographs! It was hard to pick a favorite, but I was so taken with the lion with his giant paws together, looking so tranquil. You are lucky everyone was awake…..every time we go to the zoo it seems like it’s naptime!

    1. yup…it was a bit cool yesterday, so I was LUCKY!
      I really enjoy watching the animals. Somehow, you forget everything else around you. You suddenly feel your shoulders aren’t level with your ears and you RELAX!

  4. You have some exquisite shots here. I have a bunch of favorites ranging from the Gorilla with child, to the lovely lit bird, to the almost abstract bended neck zebra, and the first shot of the sun bathing lion with his paws crossed.

  5. Gail I immensely enjoyed the slideshow. Unfortunately I don’t think you can combine family time with your photography as it wouldn’t do either parties justice, hehehe…You are very talented and I hope you get more downtime to indulge in your gift…

  6. All of these are wonderful. The zebras fascinated me. The single one is shot at such an interesting angle! I really enjoyed these.

  7. Wonderful images of the Zoo Gail. The film is out here now and is based on a family in the West of England.
    I know just how you feel when trying to take photo with the family in tow, my husband is very good he carries my bag and tripod, but I still feel guilty that I am spoiling his freedom to wander where he wants.

    All your images are wonderful good luck with your 365 project


  8. Thanks for visiting my site! I can relate to the “hurry up!” and groaning of family members who think I’m too slow with the photography already…

  9. lovely pics. Such a treat taking a long lens to the zoo, even if it does wind up your family 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog and showing me the way to yours!

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