“six FLAGS”

Yesterday we went to Six Flags.  Must have been the hottest day of the year, well it felt like it.  No breeze and no shade in sight.

We got  a “flashpass” which allowed us to go to the head of the line.  No waiting, what could be better.

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We started off on Thunderbolt, an old wooden coaster.  This is where I left my stomach, and anxiety at the top of the first drop.  Onto Bizzaro, a bigger, faster modern coaster.  By now I was ready to take on Batman, one of those corkscrew rides.  You’re attached to the top and your feet dangle, lots of fun. Hot and sticky we sought solace in a Jonny Rockets and ate lunch.  The kids went on Mind Eraser, and Cyclone, I sat out on these.  Hot and sticky we were done…back walked back to the car and went home.  A fun day had by all.

If you look closely at the Mind Eraser picture you can see my kids, they are in the second car from the bottom.