i need your HELP

Once again Minted.com is having a contest.  I have submitted 10 photographs.

Please VOTE for ME.  Click on the picture, or the minted.com link.  Then scroll down

to the G’s. Find my name, Gail Schechter.  All my pictures will be grouped together.

Hover over the rate this, and click on 5.  Also, click on I’d buy it 🙂

Last year with your help, 2 of my submissions were picked and one was actually purchased!!

I really appreciate your support!

thank YOU!


now is the time to VOTE

NOW is the time to really VOTE.

Evidently just liking my picture doesn’t get you votes.

I have entered 8 fine art pictures….

1. Click on this picture to take you to the voting link.

2. Sort by designer and scroll down to the bottom of the page, select all.

3. Scroll until you see my name.

4. Click on the first picture of mine you see and rate it 5.

5. You should be taken to my next picture and so on…

6. Forward this to all your friends 🙂

With your help we can WIN this!!!

Thanks for all your support. Much APPRECIATED!