walking the DOGS

As I walked the dogs this morning I noticed the  glistening dew drops.  They were extra sparkly today.  Was it because it was cold and the drops had frozen?  We have 2 types of grass in my neighborhood.   Flat grass and round grass.  The dew beads up so beautifully on the flat grass.  I had to photograph them and hoped I could capture that same moment of awe.

I finished walking the dogs, brought them into the house and fed them.  I grabbed my camera and went back outside.  Unfortunately a half hour makes all the difference when you’re photographing dew.  They were no longer frozen little balls. They were now melted water drops,  albeit pretty to look at.  So I took some pictures.

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taken for GRANTED

Today is the first day I have really paid attention to a local farm that I must pass along my daily travels at least 6 times a week.  Today wasn’t really any different then any other day.  Except, today was rainy, gray and gloomy.  As I passed the farm today, I noticed how the water was beading up on bushes that were growing small green berries that were beginning to turn red (like holly).

Luckily I had my trusty camera with me.  I turned my car around, pulled up to the curb and parked my car.  I have never once (in the 18 years of living 5 minutes from this farm), even thought about walking around this small local farm.  You know, the one that usually has an unattended  stand with a basket for payment for items purchased.

Here is what I saw while I walked around..

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I realize I should take time to look at the things right in my back door.