suffolk DOWNS

Yesterday was a spectacular day here in Boston, 86° and bright sun all day.  My husband and I decided to make a trip to Suffolk Downs, the local race track, located near Logan Airport.

In 2011, the state passed a law that would allow for 3 resort style casinos and 1 slot machine parlor to open in Massachusetts. One of the coveted spots, would be in the greater Boston area.

Suffolk Downs (backed by the Mohegan Sun group) was one of the locations being considered.  But, lost out to a Wynn Resort which will be built in nearby Everett.

Because of this, Suffolk Downs will be shutting down forever on October 4th. He thought yesterday would be a perfect day for us to go.

I don’t remember the last time I went to Suffolk Downs. I think I was part of a big group, and the excitement in the air was palpable. Today the crowd was just there. I felt no excitement around me.  The track wasn’t crowded, and had no life to it. People were watching races from other parks on TV’s set up near the betting windows.  I remember listening to the people around you strategizing about what horse they were going to pick.  Not today, just a bunch a lackadaisical people mulling around.  I wondered if I was missing something.

We stayed for 5 races, the last being the 7th race, the most exciting for us.  The number 1 horse was Everyday Dave, how could I not bet him, my husbands NAME.  I always bet on Number 7 in the 7th race.  I went to the window placed my bet. $5.00 on 7 across the board, $5.00 on 1 across the board and a $1.00 box on 7 & 1.  We got the tickets and went outside to watch the race. We picked our spot right in front of the finish line, so we wouldn’t miss anything.  The bugle sounded and they were off, our horses were in the top 3 while they were coming towards the finish line.  It was hard to make out who the winners were.  A photo finished was needed. My horses came in first and second, I won $71.00. The excitement was back.

Even if I ended down a couple bucks.

All the pictures were taken with my iPhone 6!

“six FLAGS”

Yesterday we went to Six Flags.  Must have been the hottest day of the year, well it felt like it.  No breeze and no shade in sight.

We got  a “flashpass” which allowed us to go to the head of the line.  No waiting, what could be better.

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We started off on Thunderbolt, an old wooden coaster.  This is where I left my stomach, and anxiety at the top of the first drop.  Onto Bizzaro, a bigger, faster modern coaster.  By now I was ready to take on Batman, one of those corkscrew rides.  You’re attached to the top and your feet dangle, lots of fun. Hot and sticky we sought solace in a Jonny Rockets and ate lunch.  The kids went on Mind Eraser, and Cyclone, I sat out on these.  Hot and sticky we were done…back walked back to the car and went home.  A fun day had by all.

If you look closely at the Mind Eraser picture you can see my kids, they are in the second car from the bottom.